IoT platform


Device Management

Easy to securely onboard, organize, monitor, and manage IoT devices at scale

Data visualization

Web and mobile access via user friendly UIs

Connectivity and Normalization

Ensure accurate data streaming and interaction with different devices, protocols and data formats

Event and action management

Event action triggers can be defined based on specific sensor data

E2E security

Protecting IoT solutions from the device to the cloud

External Integration

Easy and secure integration with external systems via enhanced API management functions

AI and Machine learning

Automated intelligence for actions and decision making

Stream and batch analytics

Help business to take fast and accurate decisions

Smart IoT Gateways

Key part of our end-to-end solutions are the multi-protocol gateways with device control, data encryption, connectivity aggregation and support of edge computing.

Network Technologies

We have the knowledge and experience to help enterprises select the appropriate network technology and overcome the biggest challenge to integrate IoT devices, sensors, networks and applications