IoT Asset Monitoring

End-to-end service to improve assets availability and performance
through real-time visibility into asset health and utilization.

  • Continuously monitor asset health to detect faults.
  • Track your assets location and movement indoor-outdoor
  • Visualize data via real time insightful analytics dashboards
  • Generate event-based actions, alerts and notifications
  • Predict failures to increase asset availability
  • Integrate with enterprise systems

Asset and Maintenance Management

IoT enabled Asset and Maintenance management will help you to organise your assets, automate maintenance work orders, schedule and assign tasks.

  • Register, arrange and visualize assets in a hierarchical structure
  • Issue work orders based on failure events, schedules or metering results
  • Assign work efficiently in an automated manner
  • Monitor work order completion time and enhance planning
  • Track maintenance cost elements as labor hours and spare parts
  • Empower field engineers with our mobile app in online or offline mode

Custom IoT services

Our IoT platform flexibility along with our development expertise
enable us to deliver any tailor made IoT solution.

  • Device management
  • End to end security
  • Integrate any asset type
  • Integration with Enterprise systems
  • Insightful analytics and reporting
  • User friedly UIs