Retail Machines

Monitor your Retail Machine overall performance in real time.

  • Ensure proper storing and cooling
  • Track the machines’ current location and movement
  • Monitor product transfers and self placement
  • Predict failures to increase asset availability
  • Optimize maintenance process and work order issuing
  • Automate periodic, event based or metering results-based plans
Retail Machines can include coolers, freezers, vending or coffee machines and beer dispensers.

Fleet Maintenance Management

Review your overall Fleet performance as it navigates.

  • Monitor the health of your assets remotely to avoid unnecessary vehicle downtime
  • Interface with CANbus to monitor engine diagnostics
  • Reduce asset downtime by performing preventive or conditional based maintenance
  • Control maintenance and spear parts costs
  • Evaluate complex operational events to produce and push alert notifications
  • Interface with other systems to complete the maintenance cycle

Facility Management

Manage all aspects of Facility Management in real time

  • Optimize service efficiency with activity / events-based monitoring
  • Address security considerations
  • Monitor equipment performance and failures
  • Track energy consumption
  • Improve the general occupant experience
  • Enhance indoor environmental monitoring, employee well-being and productivity

Smart Buildings

Enabling next generation buildings

  • Reduce energy spending and minimize carbon emissions
  • Gain insights and greater visibility to energy consumption
  • Improve building efficiency
  • Digitize assets to optimize maintenance and reduce costs
  • Enhance performance and user satisfaction
  • Identify and prevent probable malfunctions

Smart Cities

Improve operations and quality of life across the city

  • Manage assets, resources and streamline services
  • Monitor aspects of city life like waste disposal, water network/distribution or traffic
  • Gain greater visibility to energy consumption and infrastructure to prevent power outages
  • Control equipment and labor costs and schedule repairs to equipment like street lighting 
  • React to issues detected in real time
  • Safeguard venerable residents

IIoT - Production process monitoring

Optimize production by monitoring key process elements real-time

  • Reduce costs and optimize assets utilization
  • Managing inventory levels
  • Reduce machine downtime and optimize machine maintenance
  • Improve safety by identifying and eliminating risky patterns in workers activities
  • Go to market faster with lean manufacturing and a more efficient supply chain
  • Reduce product cycle times